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Epic RED Dragon

With the 6K RED DRAGON® sensor, you can capture over 9x more pixels than HD. Unrivaled detail and impressive native exposure eclipse 35mm film in both latitude and image density. Industry leading specs distinguish the EPIC DRAGON as a model for image innovation, helming the evolution of digital cinema technology.

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LigeGear LiteMat Spectrum 4

LITEMAT SPECTRUM 4 is a lightweight LED lighting fixture system designed for cinema, television, and HD video. By providing evenly spaced, color-correct LEDs spread out over a large area, LiteMat creates soft light without requiring diffusion. LiteMat Spectrum 4 is a Full Color LED panel that is lightweight (6.3 lbs) and is just 1" thick. The 200W LED is brighter than an Arri SkyPanel S30-C, Rosco DMG Lumiere SL1 Mix and Kino Flo FreeStyle 21. The Spectrum is also a larger light source providing natural soft light.

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The LiteGear LiteMat Spectrum 4 has new features, improved stability, and added enhancements.

This LED lighting fixture has a more advanced feature called Spectrum 0S2 which is an all-new operating system for LiteDimmer Spectrum ballasts. 

Spectrum OS2 is compatible with all Spectrum ballasts and can easily be installed with the use of the Spectrum Updater Cable. It provides the tools needed to create your best work, making it easier than ever to adjust the CCT, Accent Color, and Saturation parameters. 

You can personalize the settings, and make the Spectrum OS2 adapt to your way of working. The new, completely redesigned interface is intuitive and very easy to use. 


  • Spectrum OS2 includes 23 new DMX personalities
  • Cue Playback function 
  • DMX Transmit Mode 
  • Remote Device Management (RDM) that  allows nearly all settings of Spectrum OS2 to be accessed over DMX networks by compatible devices 
  • CurrentSense
  • Nudge feature 
  • Streamlined Menu Navigation
  •  Ballast Status Visibility
  • Enhanced Low-Light Color Consistency
  • DMX Streaming Monitor

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What's Included?
(1) LiteMat™ Spectrum, Head (1) LiteMat™ PolySkirt™ (1) LiteMat™ Diffuser Set, Quarter, Half, and Full Grid (1) LiteMat™ Parasquare® Louver (1) LiteMat™ LiteMount™ (1) LiteMat™ KitBag™ (1) LiteDimmer Spectrum™ DC200, 200W DC Ballast (1) LitePower™ Supply, 250W (1) PDX Head Extension, 25 Feet (1) Power Supply holder, kMount
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