Production Sneeze Guard

Production Sneeze Guard


Help maintain social distance with protective barriers.

Consider extra protection in addition to a face mask, a face shield and gloves, with this portable sneeze guard. Affording an additional protective barrier, the sneeze guard is ideal for the studio, on-set and any situation where filming involves other people.



  • best-quality acrylic

  • durable, long lasting

  • easy to clean and ready to re-use


This item is FOR SALE ONLY, and comes in sizes: 24"x28"; 40"x36"; and 24"x36". Delivery and pick-up is on us.*


Help maintain social distance with this sneeze guard. Stay safe and stay healthy!  


If you’re still open for business, consider purchasing sneeze guards to protect employees and customers. Along with gloves and masks, these versatile protective barriers are used in grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and more. Just place them where you interact with customers the most, like checkout lines, front desks, workstations or countertops.


These high-quality acrylic barrier screens are durable and transparent, so you can easily see and communicate. And with the open slot at the bottom, you can safely hand money or paperwork to customers. Our portable sneeze guards are simple to clean, too. Just wipe down with mild detergent, air dry and reuse.


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