Matthews 8x8 Overhead w/ UltraB

Matthews 8x8 Overhead w/ UltraB


The Matthews 8x8 Overhead w/UltraB assures steady support for your choice of light-shaping materials. The square tubing is sturdy yet flexible enabling easy set up and break down as well as dependability and long life.


A wide variety of materials can fit this overheard for a custom made creation.


Important facts:

  • width 8’

  • height 8’

  • weight 16lbs


Based on a 12-hour production day, rental is available for 1, 3 or 5 days, but we recommend membership. Click here for membership benefits. We also provide a delivery and pick-up service. 


The Matthews 8x8 Overhead w/UltraB – essential lighting equipment for the film maker on the go!

Rental Period

All fees are for a 12-hour maximum booking per day rental (1-day). Additional days are easily available. You will only pay the per booking fee and any local sales tax at the time of checkout.  If you have any member rewards, please be sure to apply them at checkout to ensure savings.

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