ikan ID500-v2 LED Studio Light with Touch Screen Dimming

ikan ID500-v2 LED Studio Light with Touch Screen Dimming


You definitely can with the ikanID500-v2 LED Studio Light with Touch Screen Dimming. This lightweight metal LED light with two attached barn doors, provides flexibility and easy mounting as well as touch screen control over the light’s power and dimming capabilities. 


Key Features:

  • ID500-v2 LED 

  • vertical or horizontal mounting

  • 300W Tungsten at 5600K while drawing only 36 watts power


We provide several rental options or a smart, cost-effective membership


We love LED lights that lower your light bill, but keep you filming. 

Item Usage Length

All fees are for a 12-hour maximum booking (1-day). You will only pay the per booking fee and any local sales tax at the time of checkout.  If you have any member rewards, please be sure to apply them at checkout to ensure savings. 

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