FGC Lighting Gels

FGC Lighting Gels


With the most effective color filters on the market today, FGC Lighting Gels get the best spot.


Essential in all things regarding film, including event production, photography, videography and cinematography, FGC lighting gels are made from robust material to best color light and for lighting issues including balance intensity, light temperature and color correction.


Key Features:

  • available in a wide variety of colors

  • thin translucent sheets of strong, versatile plastic

  • For SALE only


We also provide a free delivery and pick-up service. Replace either daytime or nighttime lighting and create the right mood with the right light, go FGC Lighting Gels!

  • Free delivery with my gear booking (we will automatically deliver with any current gear booking you have) 

  • Same Day Express Delivery within 30 miles - Rapid - $20 (delivered within 2 hours)

  • Same Day Standard within 30 miles - delivered within 4 hours - $15 

  • Next Day (within a certain hour) - standard delivery within 30 miles - Economy $10

  • Free Same Day, 4-Hour Shipping with purchase over $500 from PPE or GripTruck

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