Cartoni G110 Gamma Aluminum Tripod


Designed from rugged, lightweight and cost-effective state-of-the-art materials. The Gamma tripod system, consisting of the Gamma fluid head and the ENG tripod, is ideal for ENG digital camcorders weighing form 11 to 29 lbs. 


The Gamma fluid head features the award winning, patented fluid damping system ensures consistent drag levels and smooth camera movements throughout the range and allows perfect reproduction of 10 basic tension settings continuously adjustable in both pan and tilt modes. 


In addition an infinitely variable counterbalance with easily readable numeric reference, provides excellent performances at any tilt angle from -70° to +90° degrees. 


The Gamma comes equipped with a standard 100mm-sliding platform with quick-release system, for additional tilt performances at -/+90 degrees. 

The included Studio film-style twist lock aluminum or carbon fiber heavy-duty tripod, available in both single stage or two stage versions, provides for outstanding rigidity and robustness, for perfect pictures without jerks and vibrations under any condition.

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