The Cinema Camera Company That Could Redefine The Market

It is 2021 and we have entered a new decade. A lot has changed in the camera marketplace. The market for cameras has never been more competitive than it is today and there’s no telling how competitive it will be by 2030. Companies like Black Magic Design, RED, and others have redefined the market in ways no one could’ve predicted. A company from China wants to do the same for this decade. They are called Kinefinity.

Kinefinity is a company that creates affordable, high-quality cine cameras for independent filmmakers. The company’s founders used to create Astro cameras and in 2011 jumped into the cinema camera market. Kinefinity is not a well-known company but since 2011 they have continuously generated a small amount of buzz from the high-end features their cameras offer at a low price. But none of their cameras has generated as much buzz as the Kinefinity MAVO Edge 8K. 

The MAVO Edge 8K is a large format cinema camera with 8K resolution, a Kinemount, built-in ND’s, and so much more. It was scheduled to be released in September of 2020 but the pandemic was one of many factors that delayed the release. Now, the MAVO Edge 8K is scheduled to be released this year. They also want to be sure that there are no hardware issues with the MAVO Edge 8K as their previous camera the MAVO LF had significant issues in the early days of the release.

8K Imaging Sensor

The MAVO Edge 8K has 8192 x 5456 pixels on a CMOS full-frame (36 x 24mm) sensor. From 2K DCI to 8K full-frame, The Edge offers many different resolutions for the user to choose from. It has a dual base ISO at 800/3200 and also supports internal recording with ProRes4444/XQ, ProRes422HQ, and H264 proxies.

Found on the YM Cinema Magazine website

Built-in e-ND Filters

The MAVO Edge 8K is the first Kinefinity camera to feature built-in electronic ND filters. The ND filters range from 0.6 to 2.1 (2-7 stops). Kinefinity also claims you can cycle through the ND filters while retaining color accuracy.


The Kinemount is a unique mount that exists exclusively on Kinefinity cameras. Instead of mounting lenses, the Kinemount mounts lens adapters. Using the Kinemount you can use PL, LPL, Active EF, and passive Sony E-mounts. Switching adapters is just as easy as switching lenses. It is an ingenious idea that gives you access to a large variety of lens options.

You can see the rest of the specs of the MAVO Edge 8K on the Kinefinity website.

Downsides to Kinefinity

Kinefinity is a small company based out of China and not a well-known company. Unfortunately, for many users in many countries, customer support is hard to get. If you have a question or worse, your camera has a hardware issue, it may be very difficult to get a response. Origin Cine in Burbank, California has partnered with Kinefinity and offers technical assistance for Kinefinity cameras. You can also rent Kinefinity cameras out of their store. 

Another downside is resale value. It’s a hard knock life for any independent camera manufacturer when going against established giants like Canon, Panasonic, Sony, and others. The resale value for any Kinefinity camera may be lower than any seller would want. 


Filmmakers like Phillip Bloom and others have shown a huge interest in Kinefinity cameras. They were impressed with the images that came out of the MAVO LF and are excited to see if the MAVO Edge 8K will deliver similar results. If the MAVO Edge 8K does manage to impress, Kinefinity may become a “disruptor” in the camera market much like Black Magic Design is.

Check out the first footage coming from the MAVO Edge 8K that was released last month.

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