Nikon Prepares To Release Their Newest Flagship Camera

The Nikon Z series launched 3 years ago in 2018. The Z camera series marked Nikon’s first leap into the mirrorless market with the well-renowned Z 7. The Z 7 is a full-frame 45.7MP camera that sports the newly created Z mount. What makes the Z mount unique is its wide diameter —  55mm and its 16mm flange focal distance which is the shortest flange focal distance of any mirrorless camera. After the launch of their first Z series camera, Nikon showed no signs of slowing down. In just the next 2 years, Nikon released 6 mirrorless Z cameras that were very well received. Now, Nikon has announced the development of the Z 9. A camera that Nikon is hyping up to become their new flagship camera. The announcement does not tell us much about the Z 9 but here’s what we do know.


Nikon announced a few specs for the Z 9 sensor. The Z 9 will come with a CMOS FX-Format Stacked sensor for a faster readout speed. Nikon has also been open about the Z 9 having 8K video capabilities. This gives us a few insights into the sensor. In order to shoot 8K internally, the sensor has to meet a certain number of pixels. The Z 9’s pixels could likely be similar to Canon EOS R5 or the Sony a1.

Image Processor

The image processor is one of the most important parts of a camera. They have come a long way in the digital age. It’s unclear whether the Z 9’s processor will be dual/solo or what type of processor it will be. What’s clear is that the image processor in the Z 9 will be a newly created processor different from all of the previous Nikon Z cameras — the previous cameras used the Expeed 6 processor.


Nikon makes clear that the official picture released for the Z 9 (the picture above) could differ from the appearance of the actual camera but still, there are notable observations for the official picture. For a mirrorless camera, the Z 9 looks bigger than its predecessors. It looks similar to a DSLR in size. There’s hope that the Z 9 will be made this way to hold bigger batteries for a longer overall runtime. 


We know the Z 9 will shoot 8K video, have a new image processor, a stacked CMOS sensor, and lastly, we know it is slated to be released this year. There isn’t a lot of information confirmed about the Z 9 but since Nikon wants the Z 9 to become their new flagship camera — replacing the D6, it’s likely that the Z9 will be a camera to remember.

Check out the Nikon Z 9 press release here.

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