LA Film reopening: What's next?

As the film and TV production industry across California prepares to reopen and lockdown continues to ease in many countries, the entertainment industry is starting to see the light at the end of what seemed to be a dark tunnel. Also, there's a flicker of hope for sectors that await reopening.

While some are anxious over what life and work will be like post-coronavirus, we can clearly say that if you have been following our articles, then you're in a better position to tackle the demands and challenges that are likely to surface after the reopening.

The big question usually is: What will Production be like? What should we expect? What's next and will it be business as usual? Well, we've carefully thought through these questions for you, and you'll find the answers as you read through.

1. Educate Your Team On Safety

As a leader in an industry, the safety of your team members should be a thing of concern to you because the state of their health can affect their performance and the overall output of the company. It is, therefore, necessary to educate them on the guidelines and recommendations that were outlined by the LA public health department, as regards film and TV production. In a bid to reduce the risk of COVID-19 during the reopening, film production will require the approval and scrutiny of county public health officers, as regards where production will take place.

Some of the safety protocols and recommendations you'll have to educate your team on include: Social distancing, meals that were once served in buffet tables will be replaced by packaged meals, a compulsory Coronavirus testing of cast and crew, Hair and makeup artists will have to minimize time spent in direct contact with performers, use of personal protective equipments during production, and a Covid-19 officer will be available on every set to ensure compliance, etc.

Taking your team members through these safety protocols will assure them of your interest in their well-being and help them feel more comfortable at work.

2. Spread The Word

If you've been engaging your audience during the lockdown, then it's time to sound the alarm of a reopening. Why is this so important?

When your audience knows the safety measures you're practicing to further prevent the spread in your workspace, they'll feel safe and secure in their dealings with you, and you need that assurance for the growth of your business. Your audience may be your investors, customers, and stakeholders. You can spread the news of your reopening on your official website, social media channels, email newsletter, and be sincere, timely, and consistent in your communication.

3. Be The Example

It's often said that one of the best ways to effect a change, is to be an example, and a leader is an example. During production, it's important to follow through personally on the instructions you want your team to adhere to. During filming or shooting, the scriptwriters, cameramen, video editors, and the team are watching you closely. Always follow safety guidelines and set the right example.

All hands are on deck to set up scenes, sound record, casting, shooting, editing, capture raw footage, etc Production has started, and safety is the watchword!

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