The Technology That Could Change The Film Industry Forever

Since its founding in 2014, has worked tirelessly to create a more convenient and efficient workflow for filmmakers. They made breakthroughs with their cloud-based video collaboration platform and they plan to make a similar breakthrough with their latest announcement. Last month, announced a new cloud-based workflow called C2C or Camera to Cloud. The C2C workflow allows you to transmit audio and video files into the cloud as they are being recorded on set, to anyone in the world. 

This revolutionary new workflow could save productions an enormous amount of time by allowing post to instantaneously create dailies and begin editing from anywhere in the world. Even though this innovation seems like the perfect product to come out of the Covid 19 quarantine, was developing this technology long before. 

How it works has partnered with Teradek to bring this new technology to life. In order to use C2C, you need the Teradek Cube 655. The Cube is an essential piece to the C2C workflow. It is the only device that connects the camera to the app, which is directly connected to the cloud. Through the app, you can broadcast a live feed that transmits off-set and is viewable anywhere in the world. You can also use the app to upload proxy or original camera files instantly into the cloud.

For the Cube to be able to connect to the cloud, it needs either a Wifi connection or an LTE connection. You could also turn your phone into a hotspot for the Cube to connect to. Once you have The Cube connected to the cloud and your camera connected to the Cube, the files are prepared to be transferred, moments after a shot ends. Partners With Sound Devices

Sound may be overlooked a lot in the film industry but not this time. has partnered with Sound Devices to integrate the C2C technology into two of their recorders, The 888 and The Scorpio. Both recorders work similarly to the Cube. When the recorders are rolling, they save the audio files locally onto SD cards and when the recorders cut, copies of those files are uploaded onto the cloud through the app. Partners With ColorFront has partnered with ColorFront, the creator of the first cloud-based dailies program, to allow users to access ColorFront’s Express Dailies program. The program gives users instant access to video and audio files on the cloud. Post can get straight to work on preparing dailies and putting together a rough draft. And File Management’s C2C system makes file management easy. When the files are being uploaded to the cloud, they are organized by shooting date, video, and audio. There is also a folder called AV Sync. AV Sync contains combined files with both video and audio, synced by timecode and accurately labeled. In a way, the AV Sync folder contains automatically generated dailies to jumpstart the editing process. and Security claims to be the safest way to share your media and to have the best-in-class security.’s cloud is TPN compliant, an industry-wide initiative to protect film/television content. also offers many security measures to protect your content such as authentication codes, secure device connections, watermark ID, etc. It’s unclear if has the best security but it is clear that security was a focal point as they were creating C2C.

Zeiss Tests C2C Workflow For Sundance Interview Series

Zeiss has a recent tradition of interviewing cinematographers at the Sundance Film Festival. They wanted to use’s C2C workflow to reduce the amount of time they needed for post-production. They stationed the editor off-set where he was prepared to receive the audio and video files as they were being recorded. As he received the files from the set, he instantly began to make editing decisions. The editor was even able to give his input on the cinematography as the footage came in. This helped them avoid “fix it in post” mistakes. By using C2C, they managed to decrease their editing time from months to weeks.


As Emery Wells, co-founder of stated, “the way we capture moving images has changed twice. It changed when the industry transitioned from film to digital tape and then again when the industry transitioned from digital tape to digital files.” We are on the verge of another transition and’s C2C technology may be the first step into it. states on their website that C2C will become available in March 2021. Although, no announcements have been made since the initial announcement in February. Learn more about C2C on the website.

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