FilmGearClub Develops New Management System That Makes Selling/Renting Out Equipment Effortless

Selling and renting your equipment to make a profit is easier than ever and yet, FilmGearClub just made it a whole lot easier. FilmGearClub has just unveiled a new product management system that makes listing and selling equipment intuitive for anyone to use.

The new product management system allows sellers to track all of the gear they have listed to sell or to rent out in real-time. Sellers can now see the name of the gear itself, who it was last rented out to, when it was last rented out, and finally, how much they made from that transaction. All of that information is neatly organized on a dashboard. 

See the image below for reference.

As a seller, your reputation is your livelihood. This new product management system makes FilmGearClub's film equipment marketplace more streamlined for sellers, and easier to navigate for buyers which means more sales and more efficient rental management.

Watch a walkthrough of our new product management system below.

Why Choose FilmGearClub?

While other equipment sales and rental platforms take up to 25% of your profits, FilmGearClub does not. In fact, FilmGearClub allows all owners to keep 100% of their profits from selling and renting out their equipment. 

FilmGearClub strives to empower creators in any way it can. That is why we takes extra steps to give owners complete peace of mind about their equipment. Not only do sellers get to keep 100% of the profits when using FilmGearClub, but they are also guaranteed to have their gear given to verified customers. FilmGearClub works with Passbase to provide bank-level authentication of all customer’s identities.

FilmGearClub also guarantees that all customers will have insurance to cover the equipment they rent, either by a private company or through FilmGearClub’s own insurance plan. 

Lastly, with FilmGearClub, you never have to go through the hassle of meeting and picking up your equipment from every customer, FilmGearClub handles the delivery and the pickup of your equipment for you.

FilmGearClub is a delivery-only, modern approach to the local "equipment rental production house" business that gives production professionals a cost-effective option to use premium pro-grade gear for any of their projects through a month-to-month subscription plan.

Find out more about FilmGearClub here.


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