Crew Calls: Quick Tips For Hiring Production Crews Post Coronavirus

One of the primary objectives of a business owner, irrespective of the field of play is to build an effective workforce to enable the company to reach its operational goals and surpass expectations. As lockdown begins to ease around the world, organizations are also adjusting to the uncertainties that are likely to unfold in the Post Coronavirus times, but of a surety, it's vivid that it won't be business as usual and there will be new considerations also in hiring and on-boarding new candidates. As we prepare for an increased ease and normalcy, the question that lingers in the minds of many is "what will hiring be like?" knowing that the majority of likely candidates are still careful and overcoming the fear associated with social distancing.

In our previous article, we addressed tips to returning to production, Post Coronavirus, some of which include: focusing on your relationship with your customers and prospects, planning and communicating with your team, reviewing infrastructure needs, etc. In light of these, when production does resume, creating a safe work environment is paramount while necessities like hiring, lighting equipment, grip equipment, and other essentials for production will also have to go through a new method of scrutiny. Whether it's a TV Show, a commercial or a film production, it usually involves more people working together over a protracted period and in this post coronavirus times where social distancing is the order of the day, the challenges are numerous and obvious but the strength of any business lies in its ability to take decisive steps and adjust quickly to changing times. Hence, we share with you quick tips that'll help you stay ahead while hiring production crews.

1. Invite The Candidate For An Interview

Since the inception of the Covid-19, many companies have had to conduct interviews virtually and several others are likely to adopt this system of recruiting, Post Coronavirus. However the method used, an interview process is only successful when you've been able to assess candidates and convince the best of them to stay. During the interview, you'll want to assess how the candidate will adjust to working on your team, and adapt to the working environment. Remember to make the process fun and affirm your confidence in the candidate, especially when you can sense he or she is the best fit for the position.

2. Request For A Portfolio

A good Portfolio always speaks for itself and showcases the creativity of the candidate. If you hope to fill the position of a production designer, videographer, etc then it's ideal to see samples of their work to ascertain that it's in line with your vision and company objective. Demanding a portfolio is good practice, and it makes it easy to compare the quality of work of each candidate, bearing in mind that creativity differs but how their output resonates with the company's standards is constant.

3. Demand Real Solutions

Candidates are more familiar with questions like "what are your strengths and weaknesses," and you're not likely to get a sincere answer either. In hiring a production crew, why not try something more practical like explaining a challenge your team is currently faced with and ask the candidate how he or she is likely to solve it. Asking practical questions that require deeper reasoning will demand more from the candidate and help you assess them better.

Production demands cooperation, team spirit, collaboration, and the right cultural attitude to achieve overall goals and objectives of the brand, it's therefore important to give attention to the steps needed to onboard the right candidates. Haven read through our quick tips, share with us your experience in implementing them, and the results that ensued.

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