A New Type Of Lens Filter That Could Make Camera Setup A Lot Faster

Film sets are fast-paced, time-sensitive, and at times erratic. A great workday where you are ahead of schedule, set up for the next 3 scenes and looking to wrap early, can easily become a workday where you are behind schedule and where every second counts. In the latter situation, it pays to have efficient camera setups to give you as much shooting time as possible. If you are going from a scene on a gimbal to a scene on sticks shooting through a window on a sunny day, you’re going to need a matte box, sunshades, a polarizer, a filter holder, and maybe a new lens. Ideally, with the camera crew you have, that would take less than 10 minutes, but we all know how wishful thinking goes on a film set. Plus, if you’re on a run and gun shoot with barely anytime at all, the more efficient the camera setup the better.

It is innovations and new technologies that are helping filmmakers everywhere cut down on complicated setups to focus more on what they’re shooting. These inventions have been coming full force in recent years and don’t look like they will be stopping anytime soon. A recently released Irix product proves that.

The Irix Magnetic Mount System

Irix, a brand that specializes in creating lenses, has recently announced a new type of lens filter with a Magnetic Mount System (MMS). Instead of screwing on filters or using a filter holder to keep your filters in place, you can simply place the filter onto a lens and snap it on. Of course, this only works with lenses that have the magnetic system built into them which as of right now is only the Irix Cine Lenses, but this revolutionary technology could make adding a filter or any accessory much faster.

Not only do the MMS filters snap onto the front of Irix Cine lenses, but they are also stackable. Currently, Irix offers 7 filters that come with MMS...

  • ND Filters 4, 8, 16, 32, 64
  • Circular Polarizer Super-Resistant
  • Ultraviolet Super-Resistant

The filters are compatible with other accessories as well. Irix has a Magnetic Lens Hood that can snap onto the front of MMS lenses and that’s also stackable with MMS filters. It’s unclear how strong the magnetism is or how many accessories can be stacked at once. A common concern of MMS is that the magnet could be too weak which could cause accessories to fall off or too strong which could cause crewmembers to wrestle with the camera just to get the filter off. Either way, it is an exciting new invention that could cause a lot of change within the photography or film industry.


Irix is not the first company to create magnetic filters. We have seen this invention with Manfrotto’s Xume, Breakthrough Photography’s Magnetic Adapter Ring, and Freewell’s Quick Swap Filter System but what makes Irix’s MMS stand out against all the others is the fact that the Magnetic System is built into the Cine Lenses instead of being an external add on. We should keep a close watch on Irix’s Magnetic Mount System to see if and how it progresses within the photography and film industries. I know I will.

You can learn more about the Irix Magnetic Mount System on their website.

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