3 Ways To Keep Income During Slow Seasons As A Freelance Producer

Anyone who has taken the plunge of working full-time as an independent production professional knows how daunting it is to stay on top of things during slow seasons. Primarily, slow production seasons usually come at the end of year between Thanksgiving and New Years. The industry as a whole slows down around this time and we know how anxious and painful it can be when you don’t have production job opportunities coming in.

Here are 3 ways you can keep work coming in, even when it’s “that time of the year”.

Real Estate

Real estate is an industry rife with ways for production professionals to not only add value but create engaging content that will add to your demo reel. As more and more consumers turn to the internet to make home purchases and rental decisions, real estate content is definitely in demand. Start connecting with local real estate agents now, develop the relationship and offer your services.

Product Videos

Product videos are another great way to both make additional income and make interesting, original content at the same time. Most brands live online these days and with video basically becoming the “the language” of the internet, product content helps consumers make final purchase decisions which means businesses are willing to invest the money needed to leverage the power of great product content.


We know, we know, we know, you’re probably rolling your eyes at the thought of creating wedding videos. I mean, who wants to create videos without explosions? But the bottom line is, weddings need quality video productions to capture a once in a lifetime moment that is very important to everyone involved.

We’d love to hear thoughts from professionals, like you, on unique ways you keep production work coming in during slow times.

Comment below with your tips and share them with the FilmGearClub.com community!

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