3 Video Editing Softwares You Need To Have

Since the inception of video editing software in the multimedia industry, the making of online video clips and movies has taken a drastic turnaround. Hitherto, video editing was considered a niche for select professionals and big companies but with the advent of editing software, individuals and businesses can now edit movies and videos. When it comes to production, there are necessary tools that boost results every time, and every profession has its basic must-haves to effectively and efficiently deliver on products and services. Depending on your area of specialization, having the right work tools at your disposal will save you time, increase your chances of success, promote your business, and earn your customer's satisfaction.

If you're into video production, then you'll agree with us that one of the tools you require to deliver effectively on your job is a video editing software. The software allows you to remove unwanted footage, add effects, music, graphics, create the right flow, depending on the message you're trying to pass across to your audience, and it allows you to choose the best footage from overall shots taken. Editing is considered to be a part of the post-production process, and it is the practice of manipulating and arranging video shots to create a new work, which means after capturing the raw shots, the software allows you to streamline the content to best address your audience.  For example, a Youtuber needs a video editing software for sound mixing, creating visual effects, adding music, creating a transition between clips, because all these can influence how the audience will react to the video content.

Editing can be a tough process especially when it involves a large volume of data, and with a vast number of video editing software available at diverse price ranges, for different skill levels, we know it could be challenging to decide which software is best for you. If you're new to video editing, you'll also have to decide whether to use the free editing software or the paid ones. In choosing the best editing software, there are four important things to consider: Ease of use, Software stability, adequate tools, and overall cost. To make it easy for you, we've highlighted the top 3 editing software that you'll need to have, to help you enjoy the production process and increase your overall productivity.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

As a professional in production, this is a highly recommended tool you should have for several reasons, one of which is the fact that the software amplifies your artistic expression with its overall features. The software is described as the "leading video editing software for film, TV, and the web," and it's widely used by professionals and enthusiasts. When it comes to producing high definition, top quality, and ready for broadcast videos, the Adobe premiere pro is a leading resource. The software comes with top features which includes:

  • Easy Interface and customization, regardless of users level of skill.

  • A JKL editing tool that makes it possible to trim and scrub footage simultaneously

  • Adding effects and alterations to footage that is in a media bin.

  • Manipulating and organizing videos for a personalized effect.

  • And lots of other great features like VR 360 and 180 Enhancements, Fine-tune Motion Graphics templates, Improved Adobe Stock search for Motion Graphic templates, Improved color grading, etc.

2. Final Cut Pro

It's widely considered the best video editing software for Mac OS and our second choice for an editing software you need to have. It works great on other OS as well, in case you're having doubts. The software comes with project snapshots that allow you to capture your edits and make it easy to revise your images. It also comes with an inclusion of libraries, a feature that allows you to group your projects in a single place.

Other interesting uses include Advanced color grading, HDR video support, Multicam editing, VR Headset Playback, and lots more.

3. Adobe Premiere Elements

This software option will help you turn any video into a masterpiece, as it

comes with a library of video transitions that can easily be dragged to video clips, to generate smooth transition effects. Also, it has a simple layout that makes it easy to navigate and can render files to many standard formats, which is very useful especially when you need to export your videos to other software for further editing. Depending on what you're looking to achieve, you can choose between the quick editing mode or expert editing mode. Though not as advanced in features as the Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, this software is still a great tool for quality editing.

On a final note, the options presented here offer a variety of features and top quality to make the video editing process easy, fast, and seamless. Depending on your needs, you can find a perfect fit in any of our software options.

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