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Top of the line ARRI's are a cinematographers dream come true.


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Based on your plan, you're all set! Select the gear you need, request at least 48-hours before your shoot date to ensure availability. No deposits. No daily rental fees. You may provide your own insurance or add on protection when you use the gear. We deliver your gear when you're ready and pick it up when it's time to return. Simple.

FilmGearClub Membership Perks

Being a member is much bigger than equipment. 

Best Pricing For The Best Gear

You will always pay the best price for the gear you need and not a cent more. Plus always have access to the latest technology - we all know gear updates quickly. Don't get stuck with "yester-years" best technology. 

Exclusive Events & Education

Each month you'll have access to our exclusive educational classes, professional training workshops & networking events, both online and in-person.  

Phenomenal Support

24/7 support. Free equipment & delivery on all orders. Plus optional inclusive insurance. 

Member Rewards & Referral Program

Each month that you're a member, you'll automatically earn reward points towards free gear. Same if you refer, subscribe and refer and you'll qualify for free months of gear access. 

Partner Discounts

Each month you're a member, receive additional discounts from partners such as PeerSpace and other services like VimeoPRO, Adobe and more that help you save on the things you need.

Complimentary Job Alerts

FilmGearClub is run by real video production pros, so we know how important it is to always be in the loop on job opportunities - we send complimentary weekly job list just because you're a member.


Frequently asked questions

What is

FilmGearClub (FGC) is a subscription based, film equipment access community geared toward both emerging and established film production freelancers, production companies and studios. We aim to be a more moden production equipment house. Each month, we accept only a few new members into the club to take advantage of all the perks. Instead of charging deposits, daily rental fees or paying thousands of dollars to use today's hottest PRO equipment for your next production, pay one low monthly fee to access the gear you want when you need it. Free delivery & pick-up included.

How does "Access" work?

Think of access the same way would think about using your camera as if you owned it. The gear is available for your use but as opposed to paying thousands, worrying about high daily rental fees or equipment pick-up/delivery, everything you need is included within the subscription plan you choose. We only require 48 hours notice and a valid form of production insurance and you're able to access camrera, lighting, audio and lens package for one low monthly fee.

I've just signed up, what happens next?

Yes! Users can add video from YouTube or Vimeo with ease:

  1. Enter App Settings
  2. Click the "Manage Questions" button
  3. Click on the question you would like to attach a video to
  4. When editing your answer, click on the video icon and then paste the YouTube or Vimeo video URL
  5. That's it! A thumbnail of your video will appear in answer text box

Is there a time limit on how much I can access the gear?

Yes and no. Each plans comes with a fixed amount of time that more than covers the normal, 12-hour day that production usually adhere to. Although time is alloted with your plan, you can also extend your uses and more.

How long can I keep the gear?

Each plan comes with an alloted amount of access time. You can acess any package you'd like, anytime for either one 12 hour day per week or one 3 day shoot per month. If you need more time, simply conctact us and we will work with you to get the gear returned and checked back in with FGC.

How will I be billed each month?

At the time of setting up your account, the day that you sign up will be the automatic renewal date each month. We will bill the card you used to sign up with or whatever payment method you have on file.

What condition is the gear in?

We carry many type of brands and models. Most gear will either be brand new but some gear will be in a good "used" condition. Nothing will never ever not work. We also allow you to checkout the gear a day early to inspect everything before your shoot.

Can I select a new camera package each time I access or can I choose different packages?

Yes. All shoots are different and you may need different tools for different gigs. The beautfiul part about FGC is that you not only can access the gear but we constantly purchase the latest gear and as long as you're subscribed you can choose whatever camera, lighting, audio or lens package that is available within our warehouse.

Do I need to return everything at once?

Yes. At your desired pick up time, you will receive your prepared order. It's up to you to return the packages in the same way you received them. If you want to keep a sinlgle piece from any of the packages, contact support and as long as we have it in our warehouse, there shouldn't be a big problem with keeping the gear a little longer. But please note, if you do not contact support, a one time "late fee" may be applied to your account.

What happens if the gear I'm accessing is lost, damaged or stolen?

Before you can officailly request, we manually verify your production insurance to make sure these types of accidents are covered the best way possible. If you don't have current insurance, you will not be able to subscribe.

What if the gear I want is unavailable?

We require that all gear access request be sent out at least 48 hours in advance of your shoot date to ensure we have what you've requested. If for some reason we do not have the gear you want on the exact date you want it, you will be able to select another available package of your choosing, join a waitlist to be notified or select another convient date to book.

Can I upgrade my account?

Of course! It's simple. Contact and our team will happily update your account to the plan of your choosing. Please note that you will be billed at the time of the upgrade and the day that the upgrade is processed will be your new monthly bill date.

How do I add/update my billing and/or delivery information?

Once you're a member and you've created your member account, you will be able to make any changes includes addresses, payment methods and more within your member account portal.

Do you charge late fees?

Rarely. Late fees are only applied IF you keep the gear longer than promised. Each booking will have a "return by date" that governs this policy. If you feel you will need more time, please contact support to see what can be worked out on your behalf.

What if the gear I received isn't working correctly?

Before any gear leaves the FGC warehouse we both verify it's condition internally and we will also allow you to check everything out before officailly leaving with the equipment. IF the gear becomes inoperable during your gear booking, please immediately return the gear and thoroughly explain what happend. In most cases, we will simply repalce the equipment at no charge to you.

What if I want to cancel?

No problem! Simply contact support before your next billing cycle and we will cancel your subscription, no questions asked. Our plans are built to be flexible due to the nature of video production.

Do you offer member support?

Yes, we offer 24/7 support. We offer live chat, email and you can request a callback. Simply visit the "Contact" page via our website. Or if you want to do it yourself, visit our "Help Desk" to search tons of articles and other information about working with FGC.

Is there a deposit for accessing the gear?

No, there isn't a deposit required.

How can I pick up my gear when it is ready?

Depending on your plan, you have options. If your plan covers free delivery, we will actually drop off the equipment to you at your preferred location. If you don't have this plan, you can arrange to pick up your gear at either our Hollywood or Koreatown, LA offices during normal pick up hours of 5am - 6pm PST daily.

Do you offer any insurance I can purchase through FGC?

Not at this time but we are working to be able to offer an inclusive production insurance option for all of our members.

What areas is FGC currently available in?

Currently, we are only available for professionals in Los Angles, CA area. We are working to offer our subscriptions nationwide.

Do you offer FREE shipping?

No. We do not ship equipment via any third party such as FedEx or UPS. Instead, we have local hubs to service each area and we deliver your equipment via our own local delivery trucks.

I don't have insurance, can I still access the gear?

At this time, we do not offer any insurance directly from us. Due to the nature of production equipment rentals, we require a valid form of production insurance to ensure that any damages created during your use protects everyone from any unforseen replacement fees.



Covid-19 has reshaped our industry like never before and we are here to help set the new standard in equipment rental cleanliness and maintenance. FGC’s #CovidCleanPromise guarantees that every piece of equipment goes through a rigorous cleaning process before arriving at your door for your use.

In addition to our promise to uphold the highest cleanliness standards possible, we also carry essential PPE products such as gloves, mask and hand sanitizers for your onset needs at the lowest price possible. Our collection of PPE products range from the basics to unique on-set items such as sneeze guards, face shields and more. 


As we navigate these trying times, FGC will continue to work hard to be the best gear rental partner and resource to the thousands of talented, hardworking production professionals who know the work must go on no matter what. 


FGC, “Let’s Get To Work, Safely.” 

FGC’s #CovidCleanPromise, is that: 
We clean each piece of gear and gear casing 2x with top of the line, organic camera cleaning products.
All delivery drivers and equipment handlers wear gloves at every touch point.
FGC offers simple, contactless delivery options.
Each order comes with complimentary hand sanitizer upon delivery.
It’s easy to arrange contactless equipment returns. 

C-stands? Sand Bags?

We've got you covered.



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