Flat-rate delivery & pickup services for film gear renters.

Tired of dealing with deliveries and pickups when you rent out your film gear? Leave it to us and enjoy simple pricing and huge benefits.
/ Hands-free delivery

Flat-fee delivery for film gear renters.

A quick, same-day safe delivery option for selling locally on ShareGrid or Kitsplit (also eBay, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace) - our program enables local gear owners that sell on aforementioned local market places to save time and money with a simple, affordable on-demand delivery option. No more meeting up or having to pay high unpredictable shipping costs. No more making your buyers wait days to receive their items. 

When selling on the mentioned platforms, sellers usually spend a lot of time meeting with buyers or going to the post office to ship the sold item. With FGC, pay a flat fee between $10 - $25 per delivery and get the item to your buyer the same day, within a few hours of selling. 

Whether it fits in a car or pick up truck, small van or as big as a box truck - FGC Delivery can make it happen, fast, safe and reliably. And of course, our 24/7 support is always available if you need us or have any questions. 

Join today and start saving time and money with FGC Delivery!

Straight to your customers.

We can get your gear to your buyers/renters within 2 hours!

Transparent pricing.

Delivering & picking up your gear can get confusing, which is why we made a simple, transparent flat pricing structure. The cost is:

1. SM (Car or Pick-up Truck) - $15 per trip, up to 15 miles. 
2. Mid (Cargo van) - $25 per trip, up to 15 miles. 
3. LG (Box Truck) - Coming soon

Stay focused.

By leaving delivery & pickup to us, you can focus on the things that help you make more money.

Peace of mind.

In the rare case that something goes wrong, you need to be sure that you're covered. By delivering through FilmGearClub, you can ensure that all your gear is covered in the case something goes wrong.


Made for LA & surrounding areas.

FilmGearClub was made by Californians, for Californians.


Offer better service while saving time & money.

Not only will you save countless hours and dollars, but you'll have peace of mind knowing that your gear is insured, protected, and in the right hands.

Deliver It Yourself

Time Required: 2 Hours +
Delivery Cost: $0 - $15
Delivery Speed: Unknown


Time Required: 1 Hour
Delivery Cost: $20 - $35
Delivery Speed: 7+ Days


Time Required: 0 Hours
Delivery Cost: $15
Delivery Speed: 2-4 Hours

/ Sell & Rent Your Gear

Rent your gear out the right way.

You used to have no other options, but now you do. Say no to high, unnecessary fees and start renting your gear through FilmGearClub.

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