Why pay for a day when you can access it for a month? Storytelling is hard, getting the equipment needed to tell them shouldn't be. 


Film gear is surprisingly expensive, as it should be. The technology behind our current camera and visual options have come a long way. We created FilmGearClub because we simply believe there's a better way to take advantage of this technology to create stories other than buying or paying daily rental fees to rent equipment. We believe in access and sustainability.

Not only is the top level production equipment expensive, it's also ever-changing. Each year, a newer, better model is released leaving you stuck with last year's best camera. FilmGearClub is a members only club that allows you to use and create with today's top gear without the hassles of ownership. 

Our service is built to deliver everything you need to produce stunning content for a fraction of the traditional price and backed with amazing support and other perks like FREE equipment pick-up & delivery. 


Access. Sustainability and "Let's Get To Work". As filmmakers ourselves we understand the need for flexibility and cost effectiveness when it comes to selecting the gear you will use for your content creation. 

Access. Ownership is beyond overrated when it comes to options to accessing gear. Money shouldn't prevent you from working with latest, technology to improve your skills and create your content which is why FilmGearClub enables you to access the gear of your choice, anytime with no deposits or daily rental fees, based on your selected monthly membership plan. You get all the perks of ownership without the prohibitive cost. 

Sustainability. Each year, thousands of cameras and other gear pieces become old and go by the wayside. The cost of ownership can be anti-sustainable and have recently become an issue regarding our planet. Have you ever considered how much waste comes from cameras no longer being used? Don't keep buying - go lean, subscribe and access.

Let's Get To Work. Get the work done. It's that simple. We are on your team and it's our mission to help you create amazing work! The gear you use matters and it is our duty to deliver what you need, when you need it, all for one low membership fee. 


Founded by filmmakers, for filmmakers. We spent years wasting money, time and energy trying to stay atop of the ever changing technology landscape. Being industry veterans for over 14 years, Founder Kareem Lawrence needed a better way to access the gear needed to produce his own content. After over paying for things like insurance, late fees, deposits, daily fees and more, he and his team went to work building a more modern "rental house" to meet the demands and needs of today's modern content creator.



Covid-19 has reshaped our industry like never before and we are here to help set the new standard in equipment rental cleanliness and maintenance. FGC’s #CovidCleanPromise guarantees that every piece of equipment goes through a rigorous cleaning process before arriving at your door for your use.

In addition to our promise to uphold the highest cleanliness standards possible, we also carry essential PPE products such as gloves, mask and hand sanitizers for your onset needs at the lowest price possible. Our collection of PPE products range from the basics to unique on-set items such as sneeze guards, face shields and more. 


As we navigate these trying times, FGC will continue to work hard to be the best gear rental partner and resource to the thousands of talented, hardworking production professionals who know the work must go on no matter what. 


FGC, “Let’s Get To Work, Safely.” 

FGC’s #CovidCleanPromise, is that: 
We clean each piece of gear and gear casing 2x with top of the line, organic camera cleaning products.
All delivery drivers and equipment handlers wear gloves at every touch point.
FGC offers simple, contactless delivery options.
Each order comes with complimentary hand sanitizer upon delivery.
It’s easy to arrange contactless equipment returns. 

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