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At CORE, we grow with our clients. With our fully integrated service solutions, we operate as one team with an expansive reach. We believe in the power of connectivity.

Job Description

The production assistant (PA) is an entry-level job for a film or television production. The position may be based in an office or on the set. The PA does just about anything and everything, from getting coffee to making script copies to shuttling crew or equipment around town as necessary. How much a production assistant does depends on the budget of the production, as well as how much confidence their superiors have in their abilities. Salary range: $36000 - $46000 per year.


* Schedule voice actors and other talent for recording time in the studio as well as any follow-up time for corrections or adjustments * Suggest creative or practical changes to scripts or storyboards to help improve production value and save money * Assist in set design, script rewrites and other tasks assigned to you by the producer or director * Create, evaluate and oversee the budget for each production, ensuring we never exceed it * Order, reserve or rent equipment needed to complete a production or increase production value for a particular campaign * Manage the CPO's schedule to ensure maximum time management value


* Bachelor's Degree in Television Production or related field required * Ability to manage budgets and schedules effectively with minimal supervision * Working knowledge of video equipment and software a plus * Familiarity with online video advertising a plus * Excellent attention to detail and willingness to be creative

Additional Info

* **This is not a remote job** * Disability Insurance * Employee Assistance Program * Employee Discount * Flexible Schedule

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