This week's Flash features the RED Mysterium 4K package, Carl Zeiss Primes, ARRI lighting kit and more for only $199!


So you’d better make sure you’re among the first 50!

At the Film Gear Club, we know how tough things can get in the world of video production. People want quality videos produced fast. But even with the eye of a master, a film shoot needs top-of-the-line equipment so you can capture the best angles of your subject under perfect lighting and with precise timing.

An all-too-common problem video creators face is the need to continually invest in the latest video production technology to expertly capture the essence of their subject on film and present it in a way that makes their clients happy and resonates with the target audience.

This need to keep up with the latest video technology innovation can add up to a pretty penny.

You may end up investing more than you ought to, and by the same time next year, something newer and better will be in the market and you simply must have it.

But worry about that for another time.

Because this time, the FilmGearClub is offering a premium video production package worth over $15,000+  for only $199!

Unreal, right?

For $199, you get:


  • Red Epic Mysterium X with battery grip and EF mount

  • Quad Battery attachment 

  • 2x Redvolt 4 pack (8 batteries) 

  • Arri rail mounted focus pull system with whip

  • Red Pro modular handle

  • Red Pro 5.0 touch screen monitor with 18 inch cable

  • Oconnor O Box with barn doors and filter trays

  • Red Pro Redmote 

  • 3x RedMag 128gb with case

  • Red Station Redmag

  • Red Digital Cinema DSMC Quick Release Platform pack

  • Multiple rail systems, sizes and converters as well as a handful of other mounting attachments and hardware



  • Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 35mm/T1.5 Super Speed EF Mount

  • Zeiss  Compact Prime CP.2 50mm/T1.5 Super Speed EF Mount


Cartoni G110 Gamma Aluminum Tripod + Sandbag (2x)


Arri Softbank IV Plus 5 Light kit (120 VAC) 

  • -2x 150w Fresnels 

  • -1 300w Fresnel 

  • -1 650w Fresnel

  • -1x Arri Light 750 Plus Focusing Flood 

  • - Snoot for 150 fresnel

Lighting Accessories 

  • Sekonic Lightmaster Pro L-478D light meter with Xrite Color Checker Passport

You read it right – you get all of these at the low, low price of $199!

No catch, no hidden agenda.

This no-hassle, totally stress-free offer means you have access to state-of-the-art video production equipment for an entire 12 hours at a fraction of the amount you’ll spend buying or a traditional day rental for this equipment.


Plus, this phenomenal video production package means you’ll get the following value-added services from the FilmGearClub team:

24/7 Support

After your purchase, we offer 24/7 email and limited text message support to ensure ultimate satisfaction!

Optional Equipment Insurance

Don't have insurance? Have your own? Either way, you're covered. Nice, right?

Equipment Pick-up & Delivery

Based on gear booking date and your preferences, we will deliver the gear at your preferred location plus pick-up the gear once you're done. 

And because some good great things never last, this EXCLUSIVE PREMIUM VIDEO PRODUCTION PACKAGE OFFER will last for only 48 HOURS, and will go to the FIRST 50 people who sign up.**

What are you waiting for?


The clock is ticking.

Don’t get left behind!

**The first 50 who successfully sign up have up to sixty (60) days to redeem the purchased offer.

All sales are considered final.



Covid-19 has reshaped our industry like never before and we are here to help set the new standard in equipment rental cleanliness and maintenance. FGC’s #CovidCleanPromise guarantees that every piece of equipment goes through a rigorous cleaning process before arriving at your door for your use.

In addition to our promise to uphold the highest cleanliness standards possible, we also carry essential PPE products such as gloves, mask and hand sanitizers for your onset needs at the lowest price possible. Our collection of PPE products range from the basics to unique on-set items such as sneeze guards, face shields and more. 


As we navigate these trying times, FGC will continue to work hard to be the best gear rental partner and resource to the thousands of talented, hardworking production professionals who know the work must go on no matter what. 


FGC, “Let’s Get To Work, Safely.” 

FGC’s #CovidCleanPromise, is that: 
We clean each piece of gear and gear casing 2x with top of the line, organic camera cleaning products.
All delivery drivers and equipment handlers wear gloves at every touch point.
FGC offers simple, contactless delivery options.
Each order comes with complimentary hand sanitizer upon delivery.
It’s easy to arrange contactless equipment returns. 

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