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Film Gear Club is the all-in-one solution for content creators. We provide you with everything you need to go create the content of your dreams without having to worry about anything else.

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Don't let anything hold back your creativity.

Close your eyes and picture being a film legend. Your content is being viewed by millions of people, your ideas have changed the industry, and thousands of young film makers are looking up to you as their hero.

Now open your eyes and realize that you have everything it takes to get there - minus the equipment and connections.

Film Gear Club was made to fill that gap. Our goal is to give you everything you need to make your vision a reality through smart gear rental solutions and film job opportunities.

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Access everything you need to create the future of media.

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Everything you need.

You've got the ideas. You've got the drive. We've got everything you need to create the future of media.

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Just a few short years ago, we were aspiring filmmakers trying to create the future, but equipment and opportunities were not easy to come by. Film Gear Club is the solution that we never had.

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Get up to 70% off your rentals and go create today.

If you feel like the quality of gear you have access to is holding back your potential, you've found your solution. We've been in your position. Film Gear Club was made to give current & aspiring film makers access to top equipment & opportunities in an affordable, responsible way.

With access to the right equipment, nothing can stop you from creating the career of your dreams, so what are you waiting for? Join the club and go create.

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